Very close to the fortress of Klis (1,2 km) there is a restaurant Perlica, that has the tradition of a hundred years. In a pleasant ambiance ot' the air-conditioned restaurant with the summer garden and terrace you will be receivedby the kind masters of the house.

The experts in gastronomic pleasure know that the lamb from Klis is the best one. Thev know that everything starts on the surrounding hills with plenty of fragrant medicinal herbs and with influences ot' the beneficial sea currents. In these conditions grow the best lambs, that are prepared in the "Perlica" restaurant in a particular way, known for centuries of experience, festivities and pieasure, that made a brand of it, as a very well known cultural symbol of this region.

We also offer you an excellent barbecue, with locally produced meat, eco salad, domestic cheese and ham; bread baked in wood-fired oven, as well as a large selection of various desserts, ice-cream and pancakes; with a very large selection on top-quality Croatian white and red wines.

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